What to do at Hersheypark

Anyone who grew up in the Northeast knows of Hershey,
Hershey is more accessible in the north than
Disney World, and has roller coasters and larger-than-life candy
bars that are just as tempting. Maybe you grew up making repeat
pilgrimages to the park, or maybe you went once and still feel
intimately familiar with the destination. But if you aren’t from
this corner of the country, more than likely, that’s not the

Hershey is an ever-evolving city, constantly adding new
attractions, exhibits, and seasonal activities. The Hershey Story Museum, for instance,
is celebrating its 10th year in operation. As an adult returning to
the area, the iconic Hershey’s Kiss street lights were just about
all I recognized.

Which made it all the more exciting as I watched a flight of
warm drinking chocolates coming my way while sitting on the ground
floor cafe of the Hershey Story Museum.

I’d tried flights of beer and wine before, but never
chocolate. The barista instructed me how best to proceed, starting
with the darkest chocolate and working my way to the lighter ones
with less cacao. The map on the counter was my guide. The barista
pointed to a box labeled “Tanzania
that read, “this rare chocolate from the rich soil of East Africa
represents a small percentage of the world’s chocolate
production. 75% cacao.”

I took my first taste. It was rich, exquisite, and gone in one
sip. Apparently, chugging is even more of a hazard with
single-origin drinking chocolate than it is with alcohol. I tasted
the next two, from Venezuela
and Mexico.
Each disappeared just as quickly, but it wasn’t until I got to
the option with 40 percent cacao content from Ghana
that I appreciated the distinction between dark and milk chocolate
and experienced a sense of bliss only sugar can bring.


George Sheldon

Chocolate World
, which used to only have trolley and factory
tours with a free snack-sized chocolate at the end, now also has a
4D movie and the chance to make your own chocolate bar, complete
with a custom tin. The site has also upgraded select freebies from
snack-sized to full-sized.

In May 2019, Hershey’s Chocolate World unveiled its latest
project, “Hershey’s Unwrapped: A Chocolate Tasting Journey.”
Part class, part show, and part tasting, this interactive
experience encourages guests to use all five senses in assessing
chocolate, from the feel of snapping off a piece of a candy bar to
the aroma of Hershey’s most popular brands.

Hershey Gardens

Hershey Gardens

Across the street, Hershey Gardens uses
chocolate to teach about horticulture. Anthony Haubert,
communications and public relations manager for the M.S. Hershey
Foundation, notes that the complex “features a large variety of
chocolate-themed plants throughout the Children’s Garden. The
plants either smell like chocolate (such as chocolate mint) or have
a chocolate name, such as Hot Cocoa Rose and Chocolate-Covered
Cherry Coleus and many more.”



Hersheypark isn’t just a haven for kids anymore, either.
Recent additions include adult-friendly options like the day spa
that opened in 2017 at the Chocolate Spa in the high-end
Hershey Hotel. The MeltSpa
by Hershey is another spa that lets guests indulge in services like
a dark chocolate body scrub or cacao facial at slightly lower rates
than the Chocolate Spa.

The biggest upgrade, however, is yet to come. In 2020, Hersheypark is revealing
Chocolate Town, a $150 million investment with five new dining
options that will span 23 acres and feature a new entrance to the
theme park: a one-of-a-kind fountain where the water shoots up at
varying heights to form a Hershey’s Kiss. The new food options
include an ice cream parlor and a themed restaurant that will be
open year-round with a second-floor patio and panoramic views of
the park.

Pool at Hersheypark


Hersheypark is also installing its 15th roller coaster, called
Candymonium, in Chocolate Town. It’ll be the longest, tallest,
and fastest in the park. This is in addition to Boardwalk, an
11-acre water park added to Hersheypark in 2007, and seasonal
offerings like the Christmas Candylane celebration and Hersheypark
in the Dark, held during Halloween.

You may think you know Hershey, but this is a vastly different
landscape than the one you visited as a child. Whether you want to
drink chocolate, cover yourself in it, or make your own, there are
plenty of sweet reasons to start planning your next trip, whether
or not you have children.

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What to do at Hersheypark