Week 14 Relaxing at Stunning Lake Mead, Nevada

This week was all about taking it slow and enjoying the stunning
lakeside views and desert landscape from our campsite.

I was happy to hear the coyotes howl at night as we sat around
the campfire – finally a place we can have one again.

lake mead rv park nevada

I had time to set up a new homeschooling routine for the girls,
catch up on work and exercise.

We were able to use this time also to run a few errands – put
Kalyra’s broken camera into Best Buy for repair. Thankfully I
bought the protection plan for it. We usually don’t bother for us
but for kids, I think they are worth it!

We have to get her Chromebook repaired as well. Not good as
it’s only a few months old. I’m not sure I really like

My favorite thing this week was experiencing the signs of

It’s one of the most divine experiences of your life, to
suddenly, after months of death and cold, to hear the birds
vibrantly singing, to experience bursts of lime green leaves appear
overnight on the trees and feel the warmth of the sun on your body
as you explore in shorts and a T-Shirt.

I wish I could bottle up that feeling of relief, hope,and

I am so looking forward to packing away the heavy clothes and
having way less laundry to do. God I’ve hated RVing in the

I’ve already started my spring cleaning in the living area and
kitchen. I just have the bathroom and bedrooms to go. Thankfully
our home is so small it can be done in a couple of hours!

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This week 14 wrap up of our USA road
shares our adventures from Saturday to Friday.

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What we did at Lake Mead Recreational Area

Lake mead nevada

Lake Mead lies on the Colorado River, just after it makes its
turn out of the Grand Canyon.

Lake Mead Recreational Area is a playground of striking
landscapes and brilliant blue waters offering opportunity for
hiking, biking, fishing and water playing.  It was created as a
result of the Hoover Dam and adds a way better experience to your
Las Vegas trip!

Hoover Dam & Lake Mead Cruise

hoover-dam nevada

It’ shows as one of the greatest engineering feats of the 20th
Century, this concrete arch-gravity dam was created in Black
Canyon to control the river and provide water to the surrounding
farming areas.

It’s the highest concrete dam in the Western Hemisphere,
standing at more than 725 feet above the Colorado River and one of
the biggest suppliers of hydro electricity in the country.

hoover dam and bridge vegas

We are yet to drive over the bridge for a viewpoint from above.
We’ll do that before we leave this week

There was a problem with the elevator we visited so could not go
down on the tour of the power plant, which is meant to be
fascinating. Apparently this is a common problem as they are quite
old. Instead we wandered around the Hoover Dam area taking in the
various viewpoints (from the Arizona and Nevada side) and
learning more about the development of the dam and how electricity
is made at the Visitor Center.

Hoover Dam Vegas Nevada

What was quite shocking was an insight into how much water has
been lost since 1992 due to drought and way too many people now
using the water supply. Check out the white line where the water
levels used to be!

We followed our Hoover Dam Visit with a lunch cruise on Lake

lake mead cruise nevada

We cruised down into Black Canyon to the border of the Hoover.
Seeing the dam from this side gave us a full perspective of what
Hoover dam has helped to create.

It was a very relaxing 90 minutes. A lunch of turkey salad deli
sandwiches is provided and there is a bar on board the Desert

The colors of the rock along the way make it all
worthwhile.lake mead cruise nevada

This tour was part of our
Las Vegas Sightseeing Pass
, which is a city attractions pass
that offers savings on popular attractions. We’ve used them for
, LA, and

New Orleans
and find they offer great savings.

They even have a
USA pass
if you plan to travel through multiple US cities in 30
days. We work with The Sightseeing Pass as affiliate partners and
they provide us with the passes. We share them because they offer
great savings. We’ll be doing more of the attractions on the pass
when we visit Vegas.

Bike ride and Railroad Walk

bike path lake mead

One of my favorite things was jumping on our bikes to ride 2
miles away from our campsite to the Historic Railroad Track. It was
uphill the entire way.

I was so proud of how well the girls embraced the ride. They
were worn out when we got to the start of the trailhead though and
were whining like never before.

I was contemplating scrapping the walk, but it was only a short
one and involved tunnels. I’m glad we dragged them along because
once we started, they began chatting about their dreams, and the
complaining disappeared.

historic railroad trail lake mead nevada

We had spectacular views over the lake and Boulder Islands as we
walked along the old trail that used to bring workers and supplies
from Boulder City to Hoover dam.

The trail has five tunnels you can walk through that eventually
spills you out at the dam. Unfortunately tunnel 3 is no longer safe
to walk through as the trail closes after tunnel 2.

railroads trail ;ake mead nevada

It was a cool hike and very family friendly. What I loved most
was the opportunity to see how powerful and strong my girls are –
and for them to get to know that about themselves too.

Northshore Drive

northshore road lake mead

What a surprise we had on an afternoon drive to the Redstone
Trail. The Northshore Drive at Lake Mead was spectacular! The
kaleidoscope of color and diversity of landscape reminded me of
Highway 12 in Utah.

It’s only a short drive with plenty of pullovers for views and

redstone dune trail lake mead

The half a mile Redstone Dune walks take you through what once
was sand dunes making this area look like the Sahara Desert. It’s
now beautiful red rock outcroppings you can wander around.

northshore road lake mead

We also did the very short trek up to the Northshore summit for
stunning views over the valley. In the distance we spied a
brilliant cropping of red peaks which I’m guessing must have been
the Bowl of Fire.

RV and road trip Lessons

northshore road lake mead rv trip

  • Nightly campfires haven’t happened as much as we’d like.
    Many of the places have campfire bans. So we rejoice whenever the
    opportunity comes to burn some wood and make toast some
  • Once again, weather is proving problematic for travel planning.
    We won’t be able to hike The Narrows in Zion National Park, which
    I was so looking forward to doing with the girls. In case you
    didn’t know this is a water wading hike through a narrow canyon.
    Being early spring the water levels are too high to be safe! I know
    the girls would have loved that adventure! AND many trails are
    closed there at the moment due to storm damage. It’s too cold to
    visit as we wanted to do this week.
  • Facebook Messenger is fantastic for kids to keep friendships
    happening with people they meet on the road. The girls are
    currently chatting away to their friends form the crazy Family
    adventure. We’re so excited to be traveling Utah with them again
    next month!

Where did we stay on Lake Mead and Vegas Oasis RV Resort

If you’re looking for an RV resort close to Vegas look no
further than the Oasis RV resort. This is a fantastic option and is
only about 10 minute drive south of the strip. It’s clean and
well maintained with gorgeous resort style heated pools.

You can’t roller blade, scooter or skateboard here though
which upset the girls.

The sites were a little on the small side though.

RV  Lake Mead

Lake MEad RV Village Nevada

The best thing about this RV park was its location on Lake Mead.
We were lucky get a lake view site – all they had available.

The sites were quite large, very clean and with these beautiful
views. There is something so calming about the water, so it was
lovely to have it there all day to look at when I was exercising,
working, meditating or just sitting by the fire.

I didn’t like the showers too much though. Only two showers
for a rather large RV park and they were so dirty when we went –
but that is generally what you’ll get. I’m using Goldie’s
shower more and more now.

Distance Driven
Travel Costs this Week

rv road trip costs

Wahoo!!! Check out our totals for this week. Finally we come way
under budget! That’s what happens when you just chill out by the
lake. No coffee or eating out!!

Each week, I include our travel related costs for the week.

I don’t include things like business costs, insurance, and
souvenirs etc. That’s so personal that whatever I told you
wouldn’t necessarily be true for you and your budget.

The following, apart from perhaps our groceries, will give you a
reasonable estimate of costs related to travel.

If you are new to our weekly wrap, our costs each week are
usually around $1,000 – $1,300. We’re really trying to stay
under $1,000

My 30 days to
Money Mindfulness Course
helps you learn how to master your
money (and do things like weekly spending checks no matter how much
they hurt!) You can’t change what you aren’t aware of.

Vehicle Costs

  • Fuel: $ 81
  • Parking: $
  • Uber: $

Accommodation Costs

  • Camping: $368 (1 night @ $63 and 6 nights


  • Park Fees: $
  • Tours:
  • Tips: $10

* For the above Hoover Dam and Lake Mead Cruise it would have
cost $444 total to purchase them individually
(family of 2 adults 2 kids).

Las Vegas Sightseeing Pass
covers them (+ an additional 6
activities) cost $1,516 (2 adults + 2 kids) The 3
attraction pass costs $916 and the 3 day Las Vegas
pass would cost $1668

It’s worth noting that the children’s pass for Vegas cost
the same as the adults. I think this is because Vegas has mostly
“Adult” attractions. There are many the kids can still do
though, including some of the night shows. It’s worth thinking
about. Definitely do careful research so you know you’ll get the
savings from it.

Note that the Sightseeing Pass was covered for us.


  • Restaurants: $
  • Coffee: $
  • Groceries: $221
  • Take out/ snacks: $ 24
  • Alcohol:

We eat a mostly whole foods, organic diet, which means our
grocery bills are higher than what would be typical.

Don’t forget with eating out costs, tip will be included in
the prices and the odd glass of wine or two,

RV supplies and living

  • Laundry: $12
  • Firewood: $8
  • Propane: $
  • Supplies: $

Total paid by us: $724

Where to next?

lake mead recreational area Nevada (2)

God only knows! As mentioned above, the weather is causing all
sorts of havoc again. We contemplated visiting Death Valley again,
but they had flash floods the other day which has caused more
damage and closed roads.

Zion and Bryce Canyon were taken out of the equation because of
storm damage, snow and freezing temperatures.

We thought about driving all the way to San Francisco, even
storing Goldie and just staying in a hotel there. I mean the
weather is always cold in San Fran so it doesn’t really matter
when you visit.

But, it was working out to be too expensive and well I just
couldn’t be bothered driving 8 hours there and then 8 hours back

We are catching up with friends here in Vegas at the end of the
month so want to stay around this area before moving into Utah to
travel with the Crazy Family Adventure crew.

So we have two more nights at our campsite at Lake Mead, which
gives us more time to plan, to spring clean, and to catch up on
work, as we are in the middle of putting together a VERY exciting
proposal. Stay tuned.

As there are things we want to do in Vegas to experience our
Sightseeing Pass and have lots to write about for you all, we’re
contemplating staying a few nights in a Vegas Hotel this week and
taking in a few shows etc.

That may give the weather in Zion and Bryce a chance to warm up
so we can go there before coming back to Vegas!

Otherwise, we really don’t know what to do! We’re kind of
boxed into this area because of the weather. I feel like we’re
wasting time as we are only on the road for a year, but what will
be will be. Sometimes the staying still and being slow is just as

Please share with us any of your suggestions on how we can fill
in the next two weeks

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Week 14
Relaxing at Stunning Lake Mead, Nevada

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Week 14 Relaxing at Stunning Lake Mead, Nevada