Things You Need to Know About Hagrid’s Newest Harry Potter Ride at Universal Studios

When the Wizarding World of Harry Potter first opened in 2010,
the immersive theme park experience was changed forever. Universal
Studios wasn’t the first to try its hand at creating magical
themed rides and “trips” to other lands, but they were the ones
who catapulted guests to places that make you feel as if you have
left the confines of the theme park.

Now, Universal claims to have conjured up the most immersive and
highly themed roller coaster ride … ever. Given its history with
the previous Harry Potter attractions, we are inclined to believe
them. We already know that the brand-new
Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure
ride will open
on June 13 at Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Orlando
as one
of the most anticipated new rides at Universal theme parks across
the world for 2019
. But, we now know more than just a date —
we know enough details to start planning a trip to be one of the
first on this immersive ride.

by Summer Hull / The Points Guy) Inside the Brand New Harry Potter

To set the stage inside the Forbidden Forest, there are 1,000
live trees that create an actual forest, not mere fakes dabbling
the landscape. That’s where Hogsmeade’s favorite giant wizard
will launch his motorbike on an adventure that reaches speeds of up
to 50mph (for
, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Disney World tops out at
34 mph). The new Harry Potter ride will travel in multiple
directions (ahem, backwards) at breathtaking speeds. And, in a
twist, the experience will be different whether you’re riding on
Hagrid’s motorbike or in the side car. Double the fun, though
probably at least double the amount of time waiting in line if you
want to ride twice (more on that in a moment).

Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure (Photo courtesy of Universal
Orlando Resort)

This ride will plunge you into a pit of Devil’s Snare after
whisking by Fluffy, the three-headed dog, and a swarm of Cornish
pixies. There are more surprises in store because, as you know with
all things Hagrid, things don’t always go as planned.

Along with the high speed come pretty big height requirements.
Sorry young wizards, but you will have to be 48 inches for this
one. That’s the same as for Harry Potter and the Forbidden
Journey, but less than required for Escape from Gringotts (42
inches) and Flight of the Hipporgriff (36 inches).

Peeks at Construction

If you want more than just a peek at what is in the official
release, as construction nears completion, more details are
emerging from folks with an industrious eye in the sky. Theme Park
points to some images of Fluffy and other elements of
Hagrid’s new playground:

High overhead aerial view of Hagrid’s
Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure.

— bioreconstruct (@bioreconstruct)
March 9, 2019

Aerial view looking into the Abbey building
in Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure.

— bioreconstruct (@bioreconstruct)
March 9, 2019

Aerial views of the Fluffy scene in Hagrid’s
Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure.

— bioreconstruct (@bioreconstruct)
March 9, 2019

Reduce Your Wait Times for Harry Potter Rides

Not only can the streets of Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley get very
crowded, but waits for the existing Harry Potter rides at Universal
can be hours long at times — and that’s before the newest
attraction opens.

Hull / The Points Guy

While there have been no formal announcements about the
availability of Express or Single Rider Lines for Hagrid’s
Magical Creatures, there are ways to reduce your wait time for most
things Harry Potter.

  • Stay on site at a Universal hotel to get into the
    Wizarding World of Harry Potter at an hour early.
    include places like the new
    Aventura Hotel
    (hello, family rooms!), the well-done
    Loews Sapphire Falls
     and more.
  • Get included Universal Express Passes at the
    highest ‘tier’ of Universal hotels including: Loews Royal
    Pacific, Loews Portofino Bay and the Hard Rock Hotel Universal
    Orlando. It is unknown if Express Pass will help you get on
    Hagrid’s ride upon opening, but it will certainly help your
    overall Universal/Harry Potter experience. Staying at these hotels
    and getting included passes will save a family hundreds of dollars
    over buying them outright.
  • Consider a Universal VIP tour. There are

    very expensive Universal VIP tours
    , but there are more
    affordable options, too. If you want lots of Universal without the
    waits, VIP tours start at $189 per person. Also, keep an eye on
    year’s Daily Getaways Deals
    as discounted Universal VIP
    experiences are often included in that annual line-up.

Bottom Line

We can’t wait for Hagrid’s new attraction to open in
Orlando. On top of being an epic new Harry Potter experience, it
may help spread out the crowds a bit more in Hogsmeade (after the
opening rush, at least). And, this awesome new attraction
boosts the
value of a Universal Studios annual pass
, which already is a
compelling offer for a fan of all things Harry Potter.

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Featured image by Summer Hull / The Points Guy

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Things You Need to Know About Hagrid’s Newest Harry Potter Ride at Universal Studios