ThePlace: Qasr Al-Farid in Madain Saleh

Fri, 2019-03-15 23:38

Qasr Al-Farid in Madain Saleh in Al-Ula governorate is a
“unique palace.” It gains importance for several reasons — it
is one of the largest existing tombs and its name represents its
uniqueness as one rock independent of the rest of the palaces or
The tomb is unique because it was not completed and was not used as
a tomb as there are no traces of burial sites inside it.
It is also distinguished from the rest of the tombs with an
increase in the columns carved on the facade. Most graves have two
columns, but Al-Farid has four with Nabataean crowns on the
In 2008, Madain Saleh was selected as one of UNESCO’s historic
heritage sites, making it the first World Heritage property to be
inscribed in Saudi Arabia. • Photo/Saudi Tourism

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ThePlace: Qasr Al-Farid in Madain Saleh