The Six: Where to find Winter Wonderland in the Middle East

roya almously
Tue, 2019-01-01 14:11

Snow? In the Middle East? Yes, it does happen! Here are six
places where you can find snow in the region this winter.
Ifrane is a resort town in Morocco’s Middle Atlas area and it’s
the perfect place to get in a spot of skiing or just visit to enjoy
the chilly weather and beautiful scenery.

A mountain in the Bursa province of Turkey, Uludağ is home to a
ski resort, a national park and a variety of hotels.

You can expect to see a blanket of snow coating Jerusalem around
this time of year, most notably and most beautifully surrounding
the Dome of the Rock Mosque and Al-Aqsa.

The Saudi city of Tabuk has seen more and more snow with every
passing year — though most likely and alarmingly due to climate
change. But Saudis are still enjoying a taste of real winter.

Jordan’s capital has also seen an increase in the amount of snow
over the years. Though there may be more ice than snow in some
places, children have nonetheless enjoyed playing in it, and nights
can drop below freezing up to February.

The snow is falling hard and fast in Damascus this year. Syria’s
war-torn capital continues to be ravaged but, despite the hardship,
some young people have been taking comfort and joy from playing in
the snow.


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The Six: Where to find Winter Wonderland in the Middle East