The 50 happiest cities in America, ranked

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In a
recent study released by Wallethub
, researchers found the
happiest people live in Texas, about 20 miles outside of Dallas.

On a list of cities ranked by three main categories —
emotional & physical well-being, income & employment, and
community & environment — Texas accounted for eight of the
top 50. Other notable mentions include locations in Arizona,
Hawaii, and many across the midwest. California swept the ranking,
totaling 14 cities in the top 50. The Golden State performed
similarly in last year’s report, and even clinched the No. 1

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To complete the report, WalletHub compared 182 of the nation’s
largest cities and evaluated them on the three main categories
mentioned above. These categories were evaluated using weighted
metrics — ranging from adequate-sleep rate to hate crime
incidents per capita — and then graded on a 100-point scale.
These weighted averages were then used to calculate final scores
before ordering cities from least to greatest.

Keep reading for a look at some
of the happiest cities to live in, beginning and ending with small
cities in Texas.

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50 (TIE). Arlington, Texas

Total score: 61.73

Arlington is about 20 miles west of Dallas. The city is home to
the University of Texas at Arlington. The median age of residents
is 32.3 and as of 2017, the average home price was $213,888.

Source: Arlington,

50 (TIE). El Paso, Texas

Total score: 61.73

El Paso is located near the Franklin Mountains, and surrounding
areas include four Texas State Parks. The city borders Mexico on
the Rio Grande, along with the state of New Mexico. As the
westernmost point in Texas, it is over 500 miles from both San
Antonio and Austin.

Source: El Paso, Texas,
Google Maps

48. Aurora, Colorado

Total score: 61.83

Located nine miles from the capital city Denver, Aurora is
Colorado’s third-largest city. It is situated across three
counties, and is listed as one of the safest large cities in

Source: Aurora, Colorado, Google Maps

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The 50 happiest cities in America, ranked