Stay in the Middle of the Magic at the Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim

My head hit the pillow and I snuggled down into a soft

Oh My goodness this bed is comfortable. I felt the exhaustion
drain out of my body and my last thoughts before slipping into
dreams of magic carpet rides was,

“Oh this is exactly what the body needs after a long day at

Disneyland Hotel

And then at 5:05 I woke up. No alarms needed.

I felt refreshed, alert and in awe of how I had slept like a log
(not a baby as they don’t sleep).

The girls had succumbed to the comfort that evening as well.
Slowly and gently slipping off to slip as we watched the Masterchef
final. They both woke up claiming how deeply they slept without
waking once.

Disneyland Resort Anaheim has three places you can stay:

Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa
, the Disneyland
Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel.

Disneyland hotel check in Anaheim

We were staying as guests at the Disneyland Hotel for one night
in order to experience the Disney magic and share this review for

Our 15 best
hotels near Disneyland post
is hugely popular, so we want to
experience as many hotels in Anaheim on our two week trip as
possible, to help make your decisions better on where to stay when
you visit Disney.

We actually did not go into either
or California Adventure Park while staying at the
Disneyland Hotel.

After spending two fun-filled, yet long days in Disneyland
before it, we decided a day of rest was in order to enjoy the hotel
and laze around the pool. (You can read Kalyra’s post about her

dream trip to Disneyland

Here’s what to expect from your stay at the Disneyland Hotel,

The Disney Characters Greet You

Disneyland Hotel Anaheim California characters (1)

Sometimes meeting a character in the Disneyland theme parks and
getting their autographs involves a LONG wait and there are no fast
passes for character queues.

You, and your kids, will love that the characters roam around
the Disneyland Hotel and you get immediate access.

We were greeted by Goofy, Pluto and Chip and Dale during check
in. Goofy danced with the girls, Chip and Dale walked around the
lobby with them under his arms, and Pluto took plenty of photos
with us.

There was also a quartet singing embracing the Halloween
festivities with a capella rendition of Thriller.

All the kids screamed when we rounded a corner to see Minnie
sitting on her own waiting for guests to find her near the pool.
There are always huge lines for Minnie in Disneyland.

We got cuddles, signatures, and photos. Even I cuddled her!

Disneyland Hotel Anaheim California characters Minnie Mouse

For the kids, we were staying in the middle of the magic at
Disneyland, California. We know it’s all about how happy they

You can experience a character breakfast at Goofy’s Kitchen in
the Disneyland Hotel.

We did the character breakfast the morning before inside
Disneyland, so didn’t do it at the hotel. I can imagine it would
be less busy and more intimate than inside the theme park.

What are the Rooms like at the Disneyland Hotel, California?
Disneyland HotelView from our room
at the Disneyland Hotel

I was expecting to have more of a Disney theme décor in the
rooms. Our room looked like a regular hotel room. Our nearby
rental apartment
had more Disney themed decor.

However, the beds do have a gigantic head board of the Sleeping
Beauty Castle that lights up like fireworks and plays music. And
our double Queen room had lovely views out over the pool area.

Disneyland Hotel Anaheim rooms (1)Disneyland Hotel Anaheim rooms (2)

I loved how there was a channel dedicated to bedtime stories for
the kids. We watched a little of Cinderella and Snow White to help
relax the girls and get them ready for sleepy time.

Sometimes you just can’t beat snuggling up in bed watching TV
in your hotel room.

Any Australian will understand the importance of a Big Dog like
experience to get the kids into bed!

If you want to make your Disneyland vacation the Ultimate
Enchantment, then stay in one of the 5 different signature suites
that have special Disneyland Park themes and decor:

  • Pirate,
  • Fairytale Princess
  • Big Thunder
  • Adventureland
  • or the grand Mickey Mouse Penthouse

What are the pools and waterslides like at the Disneyland Hotel,

Disneyland Hotel waterslides

As mentioned, we spent the day around the pool in the Disneyland
Hotel. Thankfully, the California sunshine was out and we could

The girls loved the water slide area. There are 2 towering
monorail water slides—themed after the classic park attraction
with a fun water play area underneath it.

It caters to all ages in your family.

Disneyland Hotel, California

Disneyland hotel anaheim pool

I loved the Chaise lounges surrounding the pool to be honest and
would have LOVED to spend the entire day laying on them.

Disneyland Hotel

But, you know the TRUTH about family travel. You do not get to
take your book to the pool and read it.

Well you can pretend reading a book is going to happen, but you
know after reading the same sentence 15 times, you’ll be up after
5 minutes zipping down waterslides, playing Marco Polo and chasing
down food and drink.

Ah, but this is why we really travel with our kids – not for

disneyland hotel for kids pool

There are two pools to play in and you can soak up the sun and
ease those muscles and the Mickey Spa and Minnie Spa whirlpools.
You can also rent a poolside cabana

Close Proximity to Disneyland Walking along Main Street U.S.A. in DisneylandWalking along Main Street U.S.A. in Disneyland

Of course, this is one of the best reason for staying at the
Disneyland Hotel, California.

You are right at the entrance to Downtown Disney district, which
puts you at about a 10 minute walk to the front gates of Disneyland
and California Adventure Park.,

You’ll appreciate this easy access, especially leaving
Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure after those long

Waiting for a hotel shuttle or walking for an extra 20 minutes
is probably the last thing you want to do after walking around all
day and waiting in long ride lines!

The Disneyland Hotel is right near the monorail station in
Downtown Disney which drops you off right inside Tomorrowland in

Hurry! Disneyland has raised their ticket prices. We have
access to a limited number of tickets at 2018 prices, including
tickets for special events like Halloween and Star Wars: Galaxy
Edge opening. Grab your
Disneyland Park tickets
Anaheim Hotel packages
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combo tickets here

Good Coffee

Disneyland Hotel coffee

Mom’s and Dad’s, you’re bound for a long day at Disney
standing in queues to make your kid’s dreams come true. You know
your morning coffee is a priority!

There is surprisingly good coffee at the little deli and coffee
store inside the Disneyland Hotel. I would grab a cup here on your
way out, as the only option inside the Disneyland Resort is
Starbucks – and you know what I think about that!

Extra Magic Hour for Disneyland Resort Hotel Guests

Disneyland Tips

You get to enjoy the attractions and characters (no long lines)
for an hour more with the early admission! You’ll definitely
appreciate this.

Because we had the 10 day Park Hopper tickets (only available to
Australians) we didn’t utilize the extra magic hour, as I was
already spending too many extra hours in the Disneyland Resort

Other features of the Disneyland Hotel you may love

Disneyland hotel anaheim

  • Disney Movies: On select evenings, curl up
    under the stars or gather ‘round inside to watch special
    screenings of popular Disney films.
  • Get Up & Go Power Walk: This is a 2 mile
    Walk through Disney California Adventure Park before it opens
    starting at 6am. It’s for 14+ ages, and you must be able to walk
    fast. No cameras allowed. I really wanted to do this but couldn’t
    make it work with our tight schedule
  • Fitness Center. I enjoyed a couple of sessions
    in here. It has everything you need: weights, ellipticals, stair
    climbers, bicycle and treadmills.
  • Complimentary Happiest Hotel on Earth walking
    This is where you learn the history and design of
    the Disneyland hotel.
  • Nightly music and cocktails at Trader Sam’s
    Enchanted Tiki Bar.

What we didn’t like about the Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim

The Disneyland Hotel was renovating Tangaroa Terrace restaurant
during our visit, so we found the food choices to be quite
limiting, especially around the pool.

What we ordered was delicious, but it didn’t cater to our
dietary requirements and shouldn’t have eaten it (gluten) but it
was our only option.

Disneyland hotel bar food (2)

We just wanted to relax at the hotel and not have to venture
into Downtown Disney to eat.

This may not be the normal experience for families staying at
the Disneyland Hotel as I’m sure they are probably deep within
the Disneyland theme parks each day and eating there.

But, if you want to just spend the day relaxing at the hotel
around the pools, as they are great, there are only a few food
options, and not very good choices for fussy children.

We found it strange there were no fries or burgers on the menu.
I know that this is not the healthiest food, but sometimes it’s
the easiest with kids.

The service was slow around the pool as well.

Relaxing poolside at Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, California

Overall, we feel the Disneyland Hotel is overpriced for what you
get. The average price of a room at the Disneyland Hotel is

I think you can find better value for your money at nearby
Disney hotels
or, better yet, a Disneyland vacation
 (Here is our review
of the Hyatt Regency Orange County 
one of the nearby Good
Neighbor Hotels)

However, if you are a Disney Super Fan, and want easy access to
the Disneyland Resort theme parks and the other perks above, then
staying at the Disneyland Hotel may be the stuff your dreams are
made of!

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Hurry! Disneyland has raised their ticket prices. We have
access to a limited number of tickets at 2018 prices, including
tickets for special events like Halloween and Star Wars: Galaxy
Edge opening. Grab your
Disneyland Park tickets
Anaheim hotel packages
, and
combo tickets here

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Stay in the
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Stay in the Middle of the Magic at the Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim