Overwhelmed passengers abandoned an Indonesian flight crammed with 2 tons of a notoriously smelly tropical fruit


  • An Indonesian passenger plane was momentarily grounded
    after a spontaneous passenger uprising, Antara reports.
  • The pungency of the notorious tropical fruit durian is
    to blame, with passengers refusing to share the flight to Jakarta
    with some two tons of the fruit squeezed into the cargo

crisis prone aviation industry
suffered a decidedly minor
setback on Monday after a Sriwijaya Air flight laden with durian
was delayed when passengers revolted.

A reporter with the Indonesian media group Antara, who
happened to be on the plane, said passengers became agitated upon
encountering the scent of durian wafting through cabin before

According to a reporter Boyke Ledy Watra with Indonesia’s
national news agency, Antara, several passengers were so
overwhelmed that they were “almost coming to blows with flight crew

Passengers soon began leaving the cabin to mill about on the
tarmac, refusing to board the flight until the source of the stench
was removed, the publication said.

Sriwijaya Air eventually came to reason and reportedly unloaded
some two tons of the fruit which Anthony Bourdain
once lamented as “indescribable.”

If you’ve stumbled innocently across a durian,
you will in all likelihood remember
its potent mix of aromas

Even with the thick spiky husk intact, the unnatural Asian fruit
has such a fearsome, unrelenting stench that it’s widely banned on
most major airlines, mass transit systems and public places across

Sriwijaya Air senior corporate communications manager Retri Maya
released a statement in response to the reports, justifying the
airline’s decision to carry the durian.

Sriwijaya attempted to rationalize the airline’s decision to
take on two tons of the cargo by pointing out no laws were

“It’s not illegal to carry durian in a flight as long as it is

wrapped properly
in accordance with flight regulations —
carried inside the hold,” the airline said, adding: “Many airlines
do this.”

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Overwhelmed passengers abandoned an Indonesian flight crammed with 2 tons of a notoriously smelly tropical fruit