Is Family Travel Too Expensive? 11 Tips on How to Overcome It

You have dreams of epic family travel adventures with your
children. Stealing back quality time with those you love most for
deep bonding and memorable moments.

But, there’s one problem: Travel is

We all know it is. But it doesn’t have to stop you from

11 family travel tipsGrand Canyon
South Rim

There are ways to lighten the expenses and make your dreams
happen and your moments count.

I know because I’ve been traveling with kids, my two daughters
since they were born. They’re now 11 and 7.

We’ve learned a lot over the years and I’m excited to share
some tips with you today, along with our sponsor,
Allianz Travel.

Based on a reader’s poll on the top family travel challenges,
we’ve created a video and blog post series sharing our best tips
to help you overcome those challenges.

Those top challenges were:

  1. Travel is too expensive
  2. How to create a travel experience the whole family will
  3. How to balance school with travel
  4. How to manage a picky eater on the road

If you prefer video format, press play below to hear our tips
for saving money on family travel:

1. Prioritize Family Travel

Sedona Cathedral Rock Hike with kids

If traveling with kids is important to your family, make it a
priority. It’s incredible what you can make happen when you
prioritize and commit.

When family travel is a priority, you’ll reduce the money you
spend on things that don’t really matter and only satisfy a need
for instant gratification and comfort.

sacrifice sucks
, but those small sacrifices can lead to
monumental gains in the long run – that is quality time with
those little beings who grow up all too fast.

I travel a lot with my children, because it is our family’s
number one priority so we sacrifice many other expenses and put our
creative mind to work to create more money and save in order to do

Remember the most empowering question you can ask,

How can I?  rather than I can’t

2. Travel with Kids While They Are Young Kangaroo Sanctuary, Alice SpringsSavannah holding a baby roo
at the Kangaroo Sanctuary

Babies and young children are so cheap to travel with. They
don’t need much, can often get free or cheap rates, and you can
carry most of their food and supplies around with you.

Our eldest, Kalyra, is creeping towards the “adult” age –
that is for travel prices and is even now exercising her rights to
eat off the adult menu!

Eek. I’m a bit concerned at how our travel costs are about to

3. Enjoy a Staycation Boynton Canyon

I LOVE staycations with my family. It’s much cheaper and is
way less hassle.

Why not get to know what is great about your local area?

Thing about why you love to travel and what you like to get out
of it, and find those similar experiences.

You won’t care that you are actually only 5 miles up the road
as you’ll be getting the feeling that you’re really traveling

4. Consider Road Trips

Chisos Basin Drive Big Bend Natinal Park Texas (2)

Road trips are our favorite way to explore. No airport hassles,
excess baggage fees or overpriced flights for each member of the

You can carry a lot more, travel on your own schedule, be as
flexible as you like and seek those unscripted off the path travel
experiences, and you just have one bill – the fuel costs.

A family road trip is where the journey becomes part of the

Stay connected to our current family road trip as we travel
across the USA with our travel trailer!  

5. Camping with Kids So how do you like our campsite
near Big Bend National Park in Texas?

With this crazy switched on urban lifestyles most of us have,
it’s important to unplug and reconnect to nature.

Camping with kids is good for everyone’s soul, and it is super
cheap and kids LOVE it!!

Don’t worry if you hate bugs and a little discomfort, there
are plenty of glamping options these days as well as campervans,
motorhomes and RVs.

But, really nothing can beat a good old tent, or even a swag,
under a starry sky.

6. Seek Out Travel Deals

Times Square - There's plenty of seating along The Highline and apparently during summer there’s weekly free drop-in workshops for kids.

Using deal finding sites like Groupon, you can often find great
discounts on local experiences like trolley tours and cruises.

Local magazines and tourist brochures may also have these.

If we’re visiting a city we know we’ll be doing a lot of
sightseeing, like New York, we’ll purchase city sightseeing
passes which can save us a lot of money on attraction fees and
other discount perks on restaurants and shows.

7. Ditch Hotels for Home Rentals

The Top Villas at Reunion Resort, Orlando

Hotels come with plenty of extra fees, expensive restaurants,
parking fees, and endless opportunities for tipping.

Traveling families can save a lot of money by renting a home
instead. Not only on the room rate, but also on eating out,
tipping, resort fees, and parking!

And you get so much extra space! You know you need it.

This works wonders especially for larger families, who often
have to book more than one hotel room.

Even better, traveling with other families, rent a huge house
which will be even cheaper and you can all have mad fun

You can rent homes near Disneyland in Orlando that sleep around
35 people for around $1,000 a night in the offseason. Click

to see our amazing experience with friends renting
a vacation villa in Orlando.

You can find Airbnb
rentals here. 

8. Save Costs on Food

Cook in your apartment or rental home, take your own snacks and
food with you, look for kids eat free deals or happy hour prices at
restaurants, grocery store buffets, or get local delivery.

You can always have your kids share meals because those serving
sizes in the US are generally on the extra large size.

9. Travel Out Of Season

Grand canyon winter Bright Angel Trail

This maybe tricky taking into account school calendars. Stay
tuned for a video offering tips for that.

But, you can save a lot of money traveling out of peak season
and it’s always nicer to travel away from the crowds.

We’re currently in the Grand
during winter! It’s so pleasant having almost every
view point to ourselves and it’s so much cheaper.

and so tend to spend the summer at home and then
travel when the rest of school is in, which saves us a lot of

Use features like flexible travel dates in search engines to
help you find those cheaper days to fly or stay in hotels.

10. Check for Hidden Fees

The Movenpick Resort on Punta Bunga Beach is one of the best places to stay in Boracay, the Philippines. Click to read tips on things to do in Boracay with kids

It feels like family travel is rife with hidden fees – what
about those horrible resort fees?!

That’s why it’s important that you carefully evaluate your
accommodation choices. You’ll also have added extra fees for
parking in many hotels.

And don’t forget those extra taxes.

Other hidden fees to watch out for are rental excess insurance
coverage. Your credit card may cover this, OR certain insurance
policies with Allianz, will cover the excess insurance so no need
to pay those hefty extra fees.

Click to read more information on what rental car insurance

11. Earn and Travel

travel blogger earn and travel

This may not be relevant nor the style in which you want to
travel, but I am including it as it is how I have managed to travel
for over 20 years now.

I simply earn and travel.

I’ve lived and worked in 5 countries and now we have our own
travel business, we
earn money as we travel.

You don’t have to be a travel blogger or a writer.

Here are some of the
jobs I’ve had around the world
– teacher, bartender,
waitress, pearl farmer, door to door sales woman, and Craig used to
work for Delta – yep free stand by flights. Thank you, business
class tickets to Australia!

There are many ways you can earn money while you travel which
greatly reduces your expenses and the need to save

Click the playlist below to see more tips in this family travel
challenges series:

This post is sponsored by our partner Allianz
(AGA Service Company) and we have received financial
compensation as ambassadors. But all opinions about the Grand
Canyon are our own.

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11 tips for saving money when traveling with kids. Learn how to save money on accommodation, food, sightseeing activities, getting around, and much more. You can make your family vacation dreams a reality. Click inside now for important tips about travel with kids!

Is family travel too expensive? Here are 11 tips for saving money when traveling with kids. Learn how to save money on accommodation, food, sightseeing activities, getting around, and much more. You can make your family vacation dreams a reality. Click inside now for important tips about travel with kids!

Which tips are you going to take action on today so you can
have those quality moments with your travel babies who are growing
up way to quickly?

Is Family
Travel Too Expensive? 11 Tips on How to Overcome It

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Is Family Travel Too Expensive? 11 Tips on How to Overcome It