How to Travel Smart with these 8 Allianz Travel Benefits (+ their awesome app)

My friends, we recently made an $800 mistake with our travel
insurance. Note there was no mistake with travel insurance, but
simply our stupidity in being lax with it and not renewing our

I know things get hectic in your life too, which is why we want
to save you from possibly the same mistake.

A travel insurance policy will give you security and peace of
mind. You don’t know what can happen on your trip and using your
health insurance as your back up plan could be a big mistake.

Which is what we thought we were doing. But nothing is more
complicated than health insurance and our emergency visit to the
hospital so Kalyra could get her chin stitched up after a
campground hoverboard accident resulted in $800 out of pocket for

When it comes to travel insurance out of network, in network,
deductibles, copays and all the other confusing language won’t
matter, you can just get the help you need and when.

There was nothing more distressing to me than trying to help my
daughter in pain and having to first search online to see which
hospital and urgent care was in our network. As it as late at night
the Urgent Care was closed, and we had to take her to the more
expensive emergency room.

Never again. Never. For the small initial investment, travel
insurance is the SMART way to travel.

So, while I sit here kicking myself (and giving Kalyra a severe
hoverboard ban), I wish to share with you the smart benefits to
Allianz Travel Insurance.

Sedona, Arizona

It is important to note we are ambassadors for
Allianz Travel
and have been for several years. We’ve done
the vetting and the groundwork to establish the trust required to
share with you. (including going through the claims process
ourselves when our cruise trip was interrupted by Hurricane

Not only do they offer you security in your travel investment
and peace of mind should any unfortunate and unforeseen
circumstances arise, they have a range of smart benefits that will
also enhance your trip and make it a little easier for you.

We want to share those specifics for you, including a unique
feature that allows you to receive immediate payment should your
flights be delayed – like
It’s cool.

Allianz Travel SmartBenefits SM

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Allianz Global Assistance has a new suite of savvy SmartBenefits
SM that automate some of the traditional claims process and gets
your payments to you at lighting fast speed – when you need it
most, during a travel setback.

These special travel-delay and baggage-delay benefits are
available with the
OneTrip Prime
OneTrip Premier
 travel insurance plans from Allianz Travel

1. Proactive Claim Payments for Covered Flight Delays

How to save time and money searching for flights using Skyscanner. click to read our tips to make the best use of this flight comparison site.

Last year, it took me 12 hours to fly from Raleigh, NC to New
York State thanks to several hours of flight delays.

Not only did it mean I arrived at my conference late, I also had
to extra unforeseen costs to cover food while I was waiting around
at the airport. Airport food is not cheap, and of course, a glass
of wine was needed to calm my nerves – I hate being late!

How handy would it be to have $100 deposited immediately
into your bank account when your flight is delayed?

Then you have access to money to help you cover the cost of
food, clothes and any other unexpected costs due to the delay.

This is an Allianz Travel SmartBenefits SM.

You don’t need to file a claim, Allianz Travel detects the
delay and notifies the customer they are eligible.

And our beautiful readers, therefore I write this post for you.
I had no idea about this benefit (because I can be very sloppy with
things like this and get caught up with travel delay trauma) and
could have received this $100 claim payment for my delay!!!!

How crazy am I? I could have bought another glass of wine.

I make these mistakes so I can teach you what not to do and

Make it super easy for yourself by getting the right policy and
using the Allianz App to make this effortless and automatic for
you. (Keep reading for more on that.)

How does this Flight Delay SmartBenefit SM work?

  1. When you purchase a policy with the travel delay benefit, you
    can submit your flight information on the
    TravelSmart app
    (or through AgentMax, if using a
    travel agent).
  2. Indicate how you want to receive communications: via text,
    email, both or none. (If you choose none, you won’t be notified
    of your eligibility for proactive payments, but you will receive a
    check if eligible)
  3. Two days prior to departure, you’ll receive an email
    confirming the flight info on file. You can make changes at this
  4. If a covered delay is detected on a monitored flight, and the
    announced delay meets the length threshold specified in your plan,
    then you’ll receive an email or text from AGA. The message
    informs you that you’re eligible for an automatic claim
  5. You’ll be asked to follow a link and choose how you’d like
    to receive payment:
    • Debit card (happens almost instantaneously; speed depends on
      bank processing)
    • Direct deposit (within 2-5 business days)
    • Check (5-10 days)

Important things to note:

  • You do not need to wait the full 3 hours (for OneTrip Premier)
    or 5 hours (for OneTrip Prime) hours in order to become eligible
    for payment. Once a delay that meets the threshold is displayed on
    monitors, then they are eligible.
  • If the airline later reverses or shortens the delay, you still
    receive the payment.
  • The automatic payment only applies to one delay per 24-hour
    period. If the delay is lengthened, or there’s another delay, you
    do not receive an additional payment automatically – you would
    need to call or go online to file a claim.
  • If a flight is cancelled, you are not eligible for proactive
    payments, as cancellation is not a covered reason for the Travel
    Delay benefit. You can still file a no-receipts claim, if
    cancellation results in an eligible travel delay.
  • If your covered expenses during an eligible travel delay exceed
    $100, you can submit a claim with receipts for the remaining
    expenses, up to the maximum benefit limit specified in your
  • Remember proactive claim payments only apply to monitored

2. No-Receipt Claim Payments for Covered Travel Delays

Lake Lure, North Carolina

What happens if your train, bus or boat is delayed? Or what if a
flight is delayed that Allianz Global Assistance is not monitoring?
Do you miss out on the $100 per person, per day claim payment?

No. You are still eligible to receive it in a no-hassle, quick
way. You don’t need to file any receipts; you only have to submit
a claim with proof of the covered delay and you’ll receive your
claim payment. Not having to submit receipts can be a lifesaver as
it’s so easy to misplace them when you are in the midst of a
frustrating travel challenge.

How does the No-Receipt Claim SmartBenefit work?

  1. If a covered travel delay that meets the length threshold
    specified in your travel insurance plan, you can file a claim
    online, in the app, or over the phone. You don’t need to submit
    any receipts for expenses; only proof of covered delay, such as an
    email, revised itinerary or other notification from your travel
  2. Select your preferred way to receive payment:
    Debit card (happens almost instantaneously; speed depends on bank
    · Direct deposit (within 2-5 business days)
    · Check (5-10 days)

Important things to note:

  • The fixed claim payment only applies to one delay per 24-hour
  • If your covered expenses during a qualifying travel delay
    exceed $100, you still can submit a claim with receipts for the
    remaining expenses, up to the maximum benefit limit specified in
    your travel insurance plan.

3. No-Receipt Claim Payments for Covered Baggage Delays

Delsey suitcase review.

Baggage delays are the worst! It’s a huge inconvenience,
especially if you have a tight schedule or are moving on quite some
distance from the airport or where the baggage delay occurred.

Many people don’t consider travel insurance for domestic
travel, but be warned, the only country in the world where my
baggage has been delayed has been in the US. It happens more than
you realize, and it can put you in a bit of a pickle.

Yes. You would like clean underwear and a fresh pair of clothes
while you wait for it to return to you.

Again, Allianz SmartBenefits SM are here to help.

If you experience a covered baggage delay (check your policy) of
12 hours or more, you may be eligible for a fixed, no receipts
required claim of $100 per person, per day. You don’t need
receipts; you only have to file proof of baggage delay.

This is especially handy for families. You will never regret
buying travel insurance when you receive helpful benefits like

How does the No-Receipt Claim Payments for Covered Baggage delays

  1. If you experience a covered baggage delay of 12 or more hours,
    you can file a claim. No receipts for expenses needed, just show
    proof of covered delay, such as the claim form from the airline and
    the delivery receipt.
  2. Select your preferred way to receive payment:
    • Debit card (happens almost instantaneously; speed depends on
      bank processing)
    • Direct deposit (within 2-5 business days)
    • Check (5-10 days)


If your covered expenses during a baggage delay exceed $100, you
can submit a claim with receipts for the remaining expenses, up to
the maximum benefit limit specified in their plan.

4. Direct Deposit Payments

As mentioned above, When you file a Allianz Global Insurance
travel  insurance claim, you can select your preferred payment
method: direct deposit, receiving a check by mail, or a debit-card

When you choose direct deposit, you can get your payment in just
1-2 days following approval of your claim.

As a frequent traveler and nomad, I find this smart benefit so
helpful and such a relief. I don’t want to have to chase down
checks and delay my payment. Get it to me as fast as you can.

5. File a claim from anywhere at any time

I’ll share more with you below about the Allianz TravelSmart
app, but a quick feature, you can file a claim from your mobile
phone by clicking the claims button inside the TravelSmart app.

No need to wait until you return home from your vacation. The
app will also keep you updated with your claims progress.

Allianz Concierge Benefits

disneyland family friendly hotel Hyatt Regency

Think back to all the unexpected blips and bumps in the road
you’ve experienced in your past travels — and how much time you
spent seeking remedies and solutions.

That’s not what you want on your dream vacation. Better to
have someone else take care of the headaches for you.

Like an on-call travel expert waiting to fix your problems and
keep your itinerary on schedule.

When it comes to travel insurance a concierge benefit can
provide you information, assistance and troubleshooting whether
you’re in the planning stage of your trip or mid-trek.

Allianz Global Assistance’s concierge benefit offers 24/7
telephone assistance for topics ranging from getting dinner
reservations to finding an English-speaking pharmacy.

In order to take advantage of this benefit, you simply need to
be a valid Allianz Global Assistance policyholder.

I only recently discovered these benefits to being an Allianz
policy holder, and they are incredible. Be sure to take advantage
of this amazing service and save yourself some time and stress.

Here are the Allianz Concierge benefits available to you:

Emergency Travel Assistance

Access to the 24-Hour
Assistance Hotline
is one of the most powerful benefits
included in your travel insurance plan.

Allianz’s team of experts are trained to help you deal with
common travel mishaps, such as medical emergencies, cancelled
flights, crime, lost documents and more. Yep. Would much rather
have phoned them to help when Kalyra injured herself than try and
figure it out myself in a panicked state. That’s usually where
more mistakes (often costly) are made.

24-Hour Assistance focuses on emergency travel needs and can

  • Flight Assistance
  • Accommodation Assistance
  • Destination Information
  • Lost Travel Documents Assistance
  • Emergency Language Translation
  • Emergency Message Delivery
  • Personal Effects Collection and Return

What does this assistance look like? (a real-life example)

A customer called the Assistance team about a purse she left at
a rest stop while on a road trip, but she couldn’t remember which
one.  The associate asked some probing questions, and her current
location then backtracked her route.

The Assistance associate called several rests stops to ask about
the purse and finally found it. Allianz Global Assistance then
connected the customer to the rest stop to coordinate its return.
The customer was very happy!

The Emergency Travel Assistant Checklist

To help things run smoothly in the event of a travel mishap,
Allianz has created an emergency travel assistant checklist that
includes things you can do before you leave on your trip, during a
travel emergency and after you return home.

Travel smart and be prepared.

See the list here.

Here is a handy infographic to help you in a travel emergency.
Pin it so you can easily access it when needed.

Allianz travel insurance smart benefits

Allianz Travel Concierge Services include:

  • Activity and Entertainment Planning
    • Sports Events, Shows and Festivals (recently secured Taylor
      Swift Tickets)
    • Health Clubs
    • Golf courses and tee times
    • Tours
    • Museums

I could have used this assistance in helping to secure Billie
Eilish tickets when we were in San Francisco. Kalyra was devastated
we missed out.

  • Hobby or special interest classes (I.e., Customer was
    interested in knitting and was traveling to England, special
    knitting shops offering classes in several cities she was visiting
    were found)
  • Destination Information
  • Business Services
  • Computer and mobile device rental
  • Translation services
  • Messenger services
  • Locate banquet and private meeting venues
  • Arranging catering, banquet and event services

What does this look like? (real life example)

A customer was traveling with his boss to Australia and offered
to be his chauffeur. He leads him to believe he had experience
driving on the wrong side of the road. The Assistance team found
him a driving school in the US so he could practice before he

NOTE – Concierge benefits are “benefit”
services, not financial benefits, so associated costs are the
responsibility of the customer.

The TravelSmart App

Typically, you purchase your travel insurance, write down the
policy number somewhere and hide it away in the hopes you’ll
never have to see it again.

But what if the travel insurance company has put time and
community care into developing something that can help you during
your travels?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be an insurance policy purchase
and that’s it. It can be a relationship where one has your back
in keeping you safe and your trip on track.

free TravelSmart™ App
is a simple-to-use tool that makes it
easier to take advantage of everything your travel insurance has to
offer.  (Download on
, or

From giving you the freedom to view your policy on the go, to
making it more convenient to file a claim through the app,
TravelSmart offers plenty of helpful features to keep you protected
on any trip.

It’s just a simple download and open to find the following

Policy Information

Allianz travel insurance smart app

How many times have you scrounged around for that documentation
you know you put somewhere or the email you filed but can’t
remember in what folder?

In your app you can easily access important information about
your policy and what is covered and when.

This can be super important when you decided to do a more
adventurous activity and can’t remember if it’s covered by your

Open, check, make an informed decision and then go enjoy.


Allianz Travel insurance Smart Benefits-1740422

File a claim, upload documents, and track its progress with

As mentioned above, now you can have your claim payment
immediately sent through your bank account effortlessly through
this app!

No more waiting for emails to check how the claim is
progressing; it’s all updated from within the app.

TravelSmart Hotline

Get award-winning assistance with the touch of a button. The app
makes it easier to quickly get in touch with the experts ready to
help you solve a challenge.

Flight Status

Allianz Travel insurance Smart Benefits-1740422

For those of you who use the premium version of TripIt, you’ll
understand the value of real-time flight and boarding gate

There is nothing worse than not knowing your gate was changed
and you end up missing your flight!

With the TravelSmart app, you can track your flights and
boarding gate updates in real-time.

International Hospital Search

Locating nearby, pre-screened medical facilities is super super
important for anyone requiring medical assistance.

Allianz Travel can help you find reputable medical assistance.
You certainly don’t want to end up in a place that will leave you
feeling worse than when you entered.

For US domestic travelers, it can take away a LOT of the hassle
in trying to figure out if your health insurance is covered in the
state you are traveling to, with your in-market or out, and if you
are going to have to pay a fee in deductibles or co-pay.

My head spins just writing this.

Country Information

Allianz travel insurance smart app

Have emergency numbers for police, fire, and ambulance at your

No, you do not want to call 911 when you are in Australia. How
do you know that it is 000?

Thankfully the Travel Smart App will tell you that with on

RX and First Aid Terms

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How to Travel Smart with these 8 Allianz Travel Benefits (+ their awesome app)