Hotels Tap New Tech to Clamp Down on Rogue Rates


Shown here is a person checking in at Park Hyatt Guangzhou.
Sites like Google are directing consumers to online travel agencies
that sometimes undercut hotels on rates that are out of contract.
Hotel chains like Hyatt are hiring startups to help them track down
these rogue rates. Fornova, one of those startups, has acquired
another hotel tech vendor, HotelsBI, to help in the effort.

Skift Take: Hotels are hiring companies to
clamp down on online travel sites displaying cheap rates against
their wishes. One of those startups, Fornova, has just bought
smaller rival HotelsBI to broaden its rate-detection service. The
deal is partly justified by the increasing tech spending on a
cat-and-mouse-game between hoteliers and providers of rogue rates.

— Sean O’Neill

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Source: FS – All-Travel destinations-News
Hotels Tap New Tech to Clamp Down on Rogue Rates