Here’s Your First Look Inside United’s Los Angeles Polaris Lounge (LAX)

If you’ve seen one Polaris Lounge, you’ve seen them all —
with each preview event, I’ve been getting a feeling of déjà
vu. I know this bar, and this shower room, and this view.

And that’s by design — all of United’s Polaris Lounges are
meant to feel consistent and familiar. If you most frequently visit
Chicago (ORD) location
, you
should feel at home in Houston (IAH)
, too.

Many of the drinks are the same. The a-la-carte menus have
similar entrees. You’ll find the same amenities in the bathroom
— the same well-equipped shower rooms.

So rather than run through every little amenity and cocktail
option, with United’s
latest location at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
I’m going to focus on what sets this Polaris Lounge apart from
the rest.

First, the layout — this particular Polaris Lounge replaced
what was once United’s Global First Lounge, just above the main
gate area at LAX’s Terminal 7.

It’s oddly shaped — a bit like a bowtie. There’s a middle
rotunda of sorts separating the bar and main seating area from the
restrooms, dining and other amenities.

That’s also where you’ll find the buffet:

It’s not a wide passageway, so you may bump into a guest or
two picking out some items to munch on, unless you walk around the
other way.

Next, the overall size — it’s not enormous. A
12,122-square-foot house? Huge! A 12,122-square-foot airport
lounge? Apparently not so much.

During United’s arguably overcrowded media event, the space
felt cramped. With 100 or so passengers ahead of a couple of
Australia-bound evening flights, it might get a little cozy in

There are 140 seats in total, but just a dozen of those fancy
pod-like workstations — compared with a seemingly endless
collection at Newark
and SFO.

And then there’s the private dining room — again, it’s
small. Too small. There are just eight tables there, with a total
of 16 seats.

If you’re planning to have a sit-down meal, you’re going to
want to get there early — you might even need to add your name to
a waitlist on busier nights.

I definitely recommend grabbing a table at the dining room if
you can, though — the menu looks great.

There are a few items I haven’t seen elsewhere, too — the LA
fish and chips, for example, and the street taco trio.

Another amenity I haven’t spotted before — the wellness
room, where parents can nurse, change diapers and more.

Finally, the views — each location offers decent plane
spotting, but I especially love the variety of aircraft at LAX.
And, since the lounge spans the width of Terminal 7, you can walk
across to the nap room to see a different selection of aircraft,

As with the other locations in Chicago
 and San
Francisco (SFO)
, Polaris Lounge access is restricted to
passengers traveling in the following cabins:

Note that access is restricted to long-haul intercontinental
travel — if you’re flying between the US and Canada, Mexico,
Central America or the Caribbean, you won’t be able to get

United’s LAX Polaris Lounge begins welcoming flyers this
Saturday, January 12. It’ll be open from 6:45am until 10:15pm
every day, located just up the elevator (or a flight of stairs)
between gates 73 and 75A.

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Here’s Your First Look Inside United’s Los Angeles Polaris Lounge (LAX)