Can you access the Lufthansa First Class Terminal in Frankfurt on arrival?

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A true first-class experience starts on the ground, and some
airlines have taken this to the next level with incredibly
luxurious and exclusive airport lounges. One of the single best
lounges out there is the Lufthansa First Class Terminal in
Frankfurt. As the name implies, this lounge isn’t actually
located in the main airport building. First-class passengers have a
separate, detached terminal that doubles as their security
checkpoint and pre-departure lounge. TPG reader
Zach wants to know if he can access the First
Class Terminal on arrival as well …

I’m flying Lufthansa first class from New York to Munich to
Frankfurt, before connecting on to Amsterdam on a separate ticket.
Will I be able to access the First Class Terminal during my layover
in Frankfurt?


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This is a great question; in addition to the appeal of the First
Class Terminal itself there are plenty of reasons Zach could be
wondering about access. After a long flight from the U.S. to Europe
he might want to shower and grab a bite to eat before heading to
his final destination, and he may not have enough time to do that
on his layover in Munich. Perhaps he has a meeting to prep for or
some work to get done, or maybe he just wants to grab one of
Lufthansa’s first-class rubber ducks as a souvenir of his

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by Zach Honig/The Points Guy.)

Lufthansa has a number of first-class lounges in its hubs in
both Frankfurt and Munich, but the First Class Terminal in
Frankfurt is one of a kind. Since it’s not connected to the main
terminal it’s technically intended for passengers originating in
Frankfurt, but if you have a connection and are willing to clear
customs and make a short five-minute walk, you’re welcome to use
it. Here are the requirements for access to the First Class

  • Passengers traveling in
    or Swiss
    first class
    with a flight arriving or departing on the same
  • Miles & More HON Circle elites with a boarding pass for a
    Lufthansa/Star Alliance/codeshare partner flight arriving or
    departing same day.

This makes the First Class Terminal incredibly exclusive, as
even passengers traveling through Frankfurt in first class on a
Star Alliance partner airline can’t access it. However, this
doesn’t exactly answer Zach’s question. If we dig into the fine
print at the bottom of Lufthansa’s
lounge access webpage
, we get a bit more clarification:

“Access to the First Class Terminal in Frankfurt is only
possible with a confirmed First Class flight on the same day with
Lufthansa or SWISS. HON Circle Members have access to the First
Class Terminal for Lufthansa, SWISS or Austrian Airlines flights
departing on the same day. Passengers flying into Frankfurt have no
access to the First Class Terminal.

With your First Class boarding pass for a flight operated by
Lufthansa or SWISS on the same day, you have access to the First
Class facilities (First Class Terminal and First Class Lounges).
Passengers who, in addition to their First Class flight, are taking
a connecting or feeder flight, have access to the First Class
facilities, as long as the entire First Class journey is a through

The last sentence is where Zach is going to run into a problem.
If his ticket were booked in reverse — from Frankfurt to Munich
and Munich to New York – he would be able to access the First
Class Terminal in Frankfurt. However, his Lufthansa ticket ends in
Frankfurt, and his connecting flight to Amsterdam was booked
separately. This means that he won’t be able to access the First
Class Terminal, but he should be able to access a Lufthansa Senator
or business-class lounge with his same-day boarding pass, as those
lounges don’t feature the same access restrictions as the First
Class Terminal and first-class lounges.

6 tips for booking Lufthansa first-class awards

Each airline has slightly different policies on who can access
lounges and when (departure, arrival, connection, etc.), but to get
around this question while still providing an elevated experience
for premium passengers, a number of airlines have arrivals lounges
at their hubs. Lufthansa has an arrivals lounge in Frankfurt that
Zach could access with his boarding pass, although it isn’t as
nice as the first-class facilities. Air France and Swiss also have
arrival lounges, as do ANA and Qatar to name a few.

Bottom line

Unfortunately because his award ticket ends in Frankfurt, Zach
won’t be able to access the First Class Terminal before his
onward connection. This is a great incentive to try and book a
single ticket instead of two separate ones whenever possible, to
make sure your lounge access policies carry over. Zach would be
able to the use the arrivals lounge or the Lufthansa business-class
lounges, but none of those offer the same level of service
(including a chauffeur to your plane) that the First Class Terminal

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Featured photo by Zach Honig/The Points Guy.

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Can you access the Lufthansa First Class Terminal in Frankfurt on arrival?