British Airways flights are still disrupted after strike ends

After being forced to cancel over 1,700 of its flights this
Monday and Tuesday due to a pilot strike, disruption continues for
British Airways, with around 10% of flights cancelled on

The airline warns that it could be some time before the effects
of the strike, organized by members of British Airline Pilots
Association (BALPA), wear off. Due to the disruption to Monday and
Tuesday’s schedule, more than 700 pilots, 4,000 cabin crew and
300 aircraft from BA’s fleet will have started their day in the
wrong place, according to a
by British Airways to Business Traveller. This makes
keeping to the airline’s schedule a complicated process. Owing to
legal crew rest requirements, some crew will be unable to operate
for days to come.

“We are working hard to get back to normal and to get our
customers to their destinations,” BA said.

At the time of writing, air traffic monitoring site
Flightradar24 showed a significant increase in airborne British
Airways aircraft compared to Tuesday, with the vast majority of
long-haul flights shown leaving London in the first wave of
departures post-strike.

Pilots are on strike over a pay increase, having rejected an
11.5% increase over three years.

What are my rights?

If you have not been advised of your flight cancellation by
British Airways and it is now showing as canceled, do not go to the
airport — check your email. You should then log on to Manage My
Booking for the fastest way to select alternate flights, which may
be with BA or another airline, or a refund. You can call BA but
expect long hold times as thousands of other passengers also try to
speak with someone. You can also consider reaching out to the
airline on Twitter, which is often a faster way to get in touch
with customer service agents than over the phone.

If you choose to receive a refund, and book yourself through
another airline at a higher price, you cannot claim the difference
from BA.

(Photo by BEN STANSALL/Contributor / Getty Images)(Photo
by BEN STANSALL/Contributor / Getty Images)

Am I entitled to compensation?

You may be aware of EU261 rights for delayed or cancelled
British Airways flights, which are surprisingly easy to claim
online — you
can read TPG’s step-by-step guide here
. For flights cancelled
more than 14 days in advance of the date of the flight, EU261
compensation is not payable.

If you are abroad and your flight home was canceled as part of
the strikes with your rerouting resulting in additional costs, such
as unexpected additional hotel nights, BA has confirmed you are
entitled to claim reasonable compensation. BA has also confirmed
that if your trip is abandoned because of canceled flights, you
cannot claim the cost of non-refundable hotel accommodation unless
it was booked through BA Holidays.

Can my credit cards help? 

If you paid for your ticket with a credit card that
offers travel protection
, you may be entitled to compensation.
For example, the trip cancellation/interruption insurance with the
Chase Sapphire Reserve has you covered if your carrier cancels or
changes your flight as a result of an organized strike affecting
public transportation.

Are there any more strikes planned?

This round of planned strikes also includes an additional day of
striking on Friday, Sept. 27. BA has not yet announced flight
cancellations for this date, but may do so more than 14 days in
advance to avoid EU261 compensation claims like with this week’s

Zach Wichter conributed reporting for this story. 

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British Airways flights are still disrupted after strike ends