A wild pack of Pikachus has taken over a Japanese neighborhood for a week-long Pokémon celebration

Pikachu Outbreak

  • Pikachu
    Outbreak is an annual festival held in Yokohama, Japan and this
    year its running from Aug. 6 to Aug. 12.
  • Yokohama’s Minato Mirai neighborhood has been
    redecorated with tons of Pikachu memorabilia to mark the occasion,
    including subway turnstyles that call out “Pika!” as people enter
    and leave the station.
  • The festival also features daily dance performances
    with dozens of costumed Pikachus, and shops are giving discounts to
    visitors wearing Pikachu clothing.
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Is it possible to have too much Pikachu? The Pokémon
mascot is already having a massive year with a blockbuster film and
a brand new Pokémon game on the way later this year. But Pikachu
fever has gone even further in Japan, with a special event called
Pikachu Outbreak taking over an entire neighborhood in one of the
country’s largest cities.

Pikachu Outbreak is an annual festival held in the Minatomirai
neighborhood of Yokohama. Minatomirai is located about 20 miles
south of Tokyo, and is Japan’s second largest city in terms of
population. From Aug. 6 to Aug. 12 the neighborhood will be
transformed with all sorts of Pikachu memorabilia, and visitors
wearing Pikachu gear will receive special discounts from local

The Sakuragicho/Minatomirai area in Yokohama
is currently decorated for the
event. Still ongoing until August 12. pic.twitter.com/KyaQ3x2W9I

— life in japan is strange (Ebi) (@hannari_eri)
August 6, 2019

Each day dozens of costumed Pikachus parade through the streets
of Minatomirai and participate in themed dance performances across
the neighborhood.

Here’s are some scenes from Pikachu Outbreak

new Pokémon coming to ‘Pokémon Sword and Shield’ this November
that we know about, from Alcremie to Yamper

A Pikachu with an afro was leading a special LED-lit dance show
outside the Yokohama Museum of Art.

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Dozens of Pikachus team up each day for choreographed dances.

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I think one of the poor Pikachu got lost ❤


The different dances had their own themes each day too.

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Omg will post more videos later but PIKACHU X OCEAN SHOW WAS SO


Pikachu wasn’t the only Pokémon on the scene, a parade of Eevees
invaded the festival as well.

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The decorated subway turn styles call out “Pika!” as people enter
and leave the station.

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I was so looking forward to see this live finally! (੭ु´͈ ᐜ


Shops were also offering discounts to customers wearing Pikachu

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Pikachu is everywhere at
in Yokohama. pic.twitter.com/dwJklpm0KC


Pikachu Outbreak is an annual event, bringing hundreds of people to
Miraiminato and Yokohama each year.

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Let the Pika party begin!!!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️


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A wild pack of Pikachus has taken over a Japanese neighborhood for a week-long Pokémon celebration